Buddhist shrines of Buryatia

For enlightened travelers familiar with Buddhism culture.

1 day

Breakfast. Excursion to Ivolginskiy Datsan (Buddhist complex) - the center of Buddhism in Russia: tour around the complex, presence at the prayer service.

Visit the palace of Hambo Lama Etigelov. Lunch. Visiting the cult shamanic places "obo" inYangazhinskaya valley, Ulzita. Back to Ulan-Ude. City tour. Dinner

2 day

Breakfast. Departure to Ust-Barguzin (260 km)

Stop at the observation point on Lake Baikal. Lunch. The boat trip to Chivyrkuyskiy Bay. Dinner. Banya (Russian sauna).

3 day

Breakfast. The tour around Barguzin valley. The Natural Monument "Suvinskaya Saxony" orSuvinsky Castle is a picturesque group of rocks, resembling the ruins of the castle, with huge stone towers of 50 meters tall. Nearthe village of Yarikta there is the sacred place “Yanzhima goddess” - patroness of mothers and children. Lunch (traditional cuisine). Visit the cult place of stone Bukhe- Shulun. Inspection of petroglyphs. Dinner

4 day

Breakfast. Departure to Ulan-Ude. Lunch on the way. Visit Duynkhor datsan in the area of Verkhnyaya Berezovka. Visit the history museum of Buryatia. Dinner.

5 day
Breakfast. Tourto the Egituyskiy datsan “Zandan Zhuu”. Lunch. Visit Anninskiy Datsan. Dinner.

6 day
Breakfast. Transfer to the railway station or airport.