1 day

Arrival in Ulan-Ude. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Lunch. City tour: datsan, Odigitrievsky Cathedral, walking street. Visiting the History museum of Buryatia. Dinner.

2 day

Breakfast. Excursion to Ivolginskiy Datsan (Buddhist complex) - the center of Buddhism in Russia: tour around the complex, presence at the prayer service. Transfer to the lake Baikal. Lunch. Arrival in Maksimikha village. Accommodation. Dinner.

3 day 

Breakfast. Excursion to the peninsula "Saint
Nose". Trekking. Lunch. Trekking trail has a high level difficulty
for experienced tourists.
The length of the ascent and descent is about 14 km.

Average time of ascent is 4-6 hours, time of descent is 3-5 hours. Back to the hotel. Dinner. Banya (Russian sauna).

4 day

Breakfast. Early departure to Tour around Barguzin valley. (According to legend the Barguzin Valley is the birthplace of the mother of Genghis Khan). Trekking. Visit the village Barguzin, which is the first Russian settlement beyond Lake Baikal. Trekking distance is 3-4 km. Duration is 5-6 hours. Lunch. Departure to Ulan-Ude.

5 day

Breakfast. Shopping. Lunch. Transfer to the railway station. Arrival in Irkutsk. Transferto the hotel Hotel accommodation. Dinner.

6 day
Breakfast. City tour around Irkutsk.

Departure to Listvyanka village (West side of the shore of Lake Baikal). Hotel accommodation. Lunch. Cruise on Lake Baikal. Visiting the museum.


7 day
Breakfast. Transfer to the railway station or airport.

Have a nice trip.